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What could you possibly hope to accomplish as Pied Piper that AEAJR has not already done in vastly better quality from a truly expert point of view? Why, cult-like, your first move is to cut the rubes from the sheepfold and take them off to a private website to graze on your unique brand of wisdom. It finds itself in opposition to the best practices of the hobby and has nothing to show advantage.

What is the aim when we are working with a beginner? It is for him to succeed in learning to fly and have fun. Can he do that while building a plane, choosing ESC, motor, battery (with no concrete guidelines on your site at all! All you have is general warm and fuzzy info completely useless in selecting an appropriate system. It appears authorative and contains less than a critical payload.

Just as you must spend what you need to in order to have the best chance of success, you much teach as much as you need to in order for your student to have success. With impressive attention to details of no interest to the beginner, you ignore all his real needs! You haven't lured him off to a happy pasture, that's a slaughterhouse on the other side of the fence!

Much, much better to read AEAJR's Six Keys to Success for New Pilots and Chris F's How to Choose a Power System. You see these are not false Messiah's seeking to lead the flock away to a secret enclave of hidden information that is the exclusive "true vision" of the "Savior." These are tried and true, in the open for all to benefit from, comment on and criticize if necessary, right here on RC Groups. This Messiah complex just sets off my spider senses.

Especially in this case I see an outwardly impressive compilation of information. The necessary is not there. Uninteresting trivia and too advanced material relating to scratch building abounds.

New guys have enough problems. They deserve to have only one problem: learning to fly! They don't need to worry about whether their plane will fly, they deserve better. They don't need to worry about picking out ESCs, that is the job of the decent quality plane manufacturer. New guys deserve to be able to dispense with all the bullschnitzel that keeps them from success and to concentrate with a single purpose of will on the already difficult business of learning to fly, with a true Ready to Fly plane, everything necessary to fly being in the box, the quality being so good that not one modification is necessary, that is backed by a basically no questions asked guarantee of success and which has a complete inventory of replacement parts available at reasonable prices, every one of which is a perfect replacement for the original equipment in the plane. And that plane must have a track record of successfully teaching thousands of people to fly. THEN we will keep the newbies. THEN they will have success. Until then we're just digging holes for ourselves.

That's my opinion, but I'm right!
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