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I think Mike wants to know how to do the stock replacement... since I have spare tail feathers I'd like to know myself. I thought that assembly was just taped on, but, now that I have my fuse apart to work on my LED mod, it looks to me like that might be the only part of this plane that's actually glued on (EDIT: I think it's actually double-sided tape like the main wing). I want to know how to get it off and what to use to glue the new one on, I don't want a permanent CA bond if that's not what HZ did either. If they DID glue it permanently, I'd like to know their own recommended procedure for getting the tail off.

I posted at the same time as jbarchuk

I'd still like to know the official HZ recommended procedure though... it's possible HH has a video like they do for most stuff. Will have to look tomorrow.

Most of what I wanted to know is in the videos in my next post
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