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At some point during the weekend or maybe even before, I think one of the wings got cracked. Every now and then during flight it would suddenly snap roll. I thought I had just gotten the cg too far back and was stalling it. I added another couple of ounces of lead to the nose and it seemed to be better. But then just as I was entering the course for a speed run, it snap rolled again so hard that one of the wings came off. It didnít fly too good with just the one wing. It impacted the ground about 150 feet from where we were standing. It was going straight down at 265 kph.

The wing that came off in flight slowly floated to the ground. When I retrieved it, the carbon under the obechi was broken on the bottom skin. The break ran from across the twin servo opening for the flap and spoiler servos outward to the spar. I am thinking that it may have been cracked for a while, occasionally shifting enough to twist the wing and make the plane snap roll.

At least the devastation was so complete that I never, even for a nanosecond, contemplated rebuilding it. The only usable piece left is the outboard wing panel from the wing that came off in flight. Axel is really beat up but will probably fly again after some plastic surgery. He is the biggest piece left that was located in the nose of the aircraft. The rest of the pieces from the nose section are about the size of a dime or smaller.

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