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C4H10, to be frank, I have 5 RCGroups threads now, in different categories, with links to my website, and I don't plan on making any more threads like this unless I dramatically add to or change the documents and want to make people aware again. I see you have posted on several of my threads and may not be a big fan of posting vast amounts of information in a document style, versus small question-answer style. However, a vast amount of the document has come from information I've gleaned from RCgroups.

As you can see, I only have 98 posts since Dec 2010. Of those 98 posts, probably 15 or so are on my threads related to my documents & informational website. The rest are regular RCgroups-type discussions, or me asking or answering peoples' questions. However, as to my participation in RCGroups, though I have only posted 98 posts, I have read probably 2000 posts since 2010 and spent countless hours looking at things on RCGroups. Currently, I am subscribed to a couple threads started by others on RCGroups as well, including one by Melnic which I've been following for over a year now I believe, and which has hundreds of pages.

As for my posts like this, I put out three threads in early June with just an enclosed PDF for my opinions on helping beginners get started. It did not originally have my website links, but I wanted to share the document so I made a few threads. This month I got the website set up with a free Google webpage, so I thought it would be easier to keep that document updated using one central location rather than updating it on three threads. Therefore, I updated those three threads with my website link today. This is one of them.

Additionally, I added two more separate threads since I also posted (to my website) the 86 pg eBook I've been working on for a couple years, and which still isn't finished. I'd rather have one place to keep the document updated than many, and I wanted to get the document out finally, since I've spent countless hours working on it, so that's what I've done. I've consolidated my efforts into one location to keep a working copy of the eBook, and I've linked old threads to the website as well.
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