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Originally Posted by redlite View Post
Unless I'm not getting the gist of your landing, when the nose starts to flare up wards at a rapid rate during slow landing speeds, just elevons is not enough to apply leverage to get the nose down. Hence the extra elevator will add more force in making the nose respond. Of course, if the elevator is applied at the wrong time, the extra surface will act against you.
Oh yes of course! I understand now. You are totally correct...Had I had that whale-tail authority it could have absolutely helped get that nose back down to a much less exciting landing when I was applying down stick. However, the paradox for me is that added weight. It may not be as bad as I am thinking without having the afterburnerz as well.

Originally Posted by Joe 1320
I agree 100% with these statements. Having more pitch control centered on the airframe rather than at the wingtips makes a more stable platform. The whale tail mod and using more elevator deflection in the center doesn't mess with the lift of the wing as much as running elevons only.

This bird needs to be flown "on the wing" and flown under some power right down to the deck. It takes practice and some nerves to resist trying to flair this for a soft or slower landing. Bring it in under power, land it hot and it won't pitch the nose up and become a big airbrake. If you were to stall it like that at altitude, you would experience the dreaded ( and usually unrecoverable) flat spin.
Excellent points! I now finally understand (don't worry it only takes me 50 times to get something in my head) why the whale tail mod is worth the weight and time investment. I don't think I will add it to #9 but I will most definitely heed the advice here and make dang sure that when she's on final, that throttle will never drop to idle, until she's safely and flatly on the ground.

I clearly got lucky and was tempting fate with the maiden landing.

Thanks fellas.
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