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Since this model is now out of production and the last handful were almost given away, this becomes somewhat unnecessary to keep handing out advice. But I suspect there'll be a new and larger foam SR coming out, most likely twin 70's, but I'm guessing. But in any case, the weight will rise faster than wing area as the model gets larger. Delta wing will help there, but wing loading will make this model we have now seem mundane. This smaller version we have now will be a great trainer for the next gen SR...

These are some things we learned on this tiny model.

So using Aros last flight as an example, the need for an extra elevator becomes obvious. And rudders for the wheeled version. Doesn't need these things to fly normal, but what's normal with this model. An SR with only elevons...yikes, that's asking for trouble. The prototype needed them and so does a model. The drooped leading edge will stabilize the model a bit, but also slow it down, both due to more camber.

Not knowing the weight of critical components and the AUW of the final model will make advancing almost impossible. Individual components must be weighed to determine if it goes in or not. Wing loading must be obeyed or else...

Never chop power unless you're in a dive...and then, only for a few moments as the drag is bad on an SR and it will lose all speed within seconds. Again, Aros provides good footage from on board and ground video of a flight that went south...cutting power in a dive and staying at idle all the way through the trap and then into the climb without significant throttle advance, resulting in extremely rapid speed loss and ultimately disaster.

Our plane has survived because we took these things and many more into consideration and we always have a flight profile BEFORE the model even touches the runway. No other model in our large fleet needs this type of kid glove treatment, but if you do, it'll pay off big.

Opinions based on observation is all we are offering, others will have had different experiences and different thoughts...and that is good. And sharing the bad with the good can only further the taming of this magnificent plane. The trials of others always benefits the larger group.

I have couple of MJ's if anyone is interested...

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