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All vastly superior to the Bixler, giving the new flier the best chance for success by ensuring that his plane WILL fly perfectly right out of the box, has great customer warranty service and a complete inventory of replacement parts available which are a perfect replacement for the original equipment.

None of them needs a single modification in order to be flown, where the Bixler needs a hatful of mods before it is airworthy at all. The Bixler for a newbie without close ties to an expert or three is a ticket to weaving as their next hobby. It's a very bad move and a waste of money.

Saving money is accomplishing what you want for less. If you spend less than what you need to to succeed, you have not saved anything, have you? You've lost your investment and you've lost a future in what would have been a great hobby for a few dollars more.

Bixers and other Hobby King planes are for experienced aeromodelers, not beginners, no matter how easy they are to fly once rendered flyable. A much better plane than the Bixler would be the AXN Floater Jet, which, unlike the Bixler, actually is flyable as received. But no replacement parts, no warranty. It too is less than optimal for a beginner who needs the support a few extra dollars will buy him. If you are in the newspaper business it is inappropriate to save money by not printing any newspapers, isn't it? Is scuba diving cheaper if you don't buy air tanks? You have to buy what you need to succeed. Do it and enjoy many years of a fascinating and rewarding hobby.

Or follow the Pied Piper to the predictable rewards of trying to get something for nothing. Except that you still pay something. And likely will be left with nothing: nothing but frustration. Success without the means to attain it requires a very caring and involved mentor, willing to spend a lot of time with you. Those people are rare.
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