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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
... speaking from experience (I think you said you haven't flown it yet)
I did at last!

First try was frustrating, too much wind, no experience with the bird, wrong TX settings, not to mention trees.
It took my gf and me about an hour to get the Champ out of the second one.
And of course, being overconfident, I didn't remove the wing struts first, so I DID get to test their self-separating capability.
As planned, upon impact in the treetop, they slid perfectly out of their connectors,
except one of six, which was a bit tight and was torn off with minimal damage to the wing.
It was mostly sticking to the paint and not the foam, as with your rudder strut.
The struts themselves were undamaged.
Did I mention I hate trees?

Yesterday was dead calm though, the TX was set to propper rates, the struts were removed, and I found a field with far lesser and smaller trees.
Starts from pavement, cruising around, even one or two passable landings, amazingly how natural everything goes with the yellowbird.
Must have been grinning like the guy on the package.

Today was even better, light but constant wind, so I got a feeling for how it impacts the flight.
It was noticeable, but didn't impact handling too much with the heavier landing gear and the 160mAh Hyperions.

Great little bird, definitly on my personal TOP 5 of birthday presents ever.

Also, my waterslide paper arrived, so the modding will go ahead as well.
Mac Smith is online now Find More Posts by Mac Smith
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