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Always great to hear that everyone is having fun with them! It's very motivating to hear that the work put in is worth the effort.

I'm just about to maiden one of those SkyAngel Mig-15 35mm today with one of my receivers! We've finally had good weather here (jet stream apparently has been too far high this year, giving us crap weather and everyone in the US extremely hot weather), so I'm really looking forward to getting it out - certainly gives you a buzz to know that its your software is what controlling it. Hopefully the Mig will fly alright though - I've not heard great things about the kit's flying qualities...

I've got another 14 receivers on their way, they're just waiting at customs at the moment. HobbyKing put a freebie A-10 35mm kit in the order, which was nice of them - unfortunately it meant that it has taken almost a month to get here! Its not helped that apparently Customs are being ultra-strict here at the moment with the Olympics coming up next week.

Some have already been allocated out to those that missed last time, so don't worry if your still waiting, you'll be at the first of the queue! I'll keep you all informed once they're here, programmed and ready to go.

Hopefully I can get a derivative version of these receivers to market and mass production sometime soon - which would reduce the amount of waiting people have to do for them. I'm still looking into it, so we shall see what happens...

If I can't get anything to market I'm sure someone will at some point, so either way, the consumer should win.

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