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ya know..release the new TX or not who really cares?? I dont see Futaba stop selling everything else to wait on its 18mz to hit the market. pulling the nanos really has me boggled I dont get it

Any one ever see that reality TV show where the married couple collects 100s of cabbage patch dolls? ya'll have to find it!
The guy travels every where with his fav doll....throws b day parties for it....sleepovers with other doll "parents"....They have a custom built shed/warehouse with shelves full of other dolls! Its with a heavy heart that the fav doll has to decide which friend gets sold. Just horrible....
I wonder if there is a similar dude somewhere in a large warehouse holding a favored XPS16 TX dressed up in lil jeans/t shirt with tiny air jordan shoes......walking down a aisle slammed full of nanos and receivers that have stayed on the beloved back order list...
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