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Well I hope I didn't look too goofy with that "Antares Smile" on my face because I will be looking like that a lot from now on. I picked up a brand new Antares from Bob at SUSA this morning to replace my now dearly departed Ventus. To my eye its not nearly the beauty queen the Ventus was, but does it ever look good while going around the GPS Triangle course.

This GPS stuff is even more fun now that I have some experience with the tactics and strategy of XC. I have a much better understanding of how best to get around the course. Just like XC, the best part is the last 10 minutes when you are racing to the finish, constantly evaluating the air and calculating the best way to utilize it such that you are just about out of altitude at the finish. But, unlike XC, you get to do that last 10 minutes several times a day and it doesn't require a vehicle to do it. I won't mention the massive performance difference between even a normal 1/3 scale model and an MXC. You will be more likely to believe it when it comes from Dean anyway.

Hopefully, by the first of next year, the new Sky Navigator software for Android and iOS will be available and we won't have to use these clunky Ipaqs any more.

Many, many thanks to Dean for keeping the GPS Triangle dream alive in the USA. When the rest of you guys catch on you will be kicking yourselves in the butt that you didn't start doing it sooner.


PS Just to be clear, I love XC racing. It is a super event in its own right for many reasons. I hope it flourishes as well.

PPS Imagine a world with enough places to fly and enough XC and GPS events on the calendar that there would be no good reason to fly those puny little "sticks with wings" F3J planes. Oh, I must be delirious from the smell of fresh Antares carbon fiber.
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