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I have no doubts absolutely about my formosa, its got a himax/phoenix esc in it and its absolutely a blast to fly (I never use the lg, dont even toss the thing, just let it go and it takes off from my hand). I have dorked-in seriously at high speed and shattered the fuselage (due to a bad Tx) but it was easily fixed with no equipment damage.. and you can barely see where the fuselage has been reassembled twice like a jigsaw puzzle. Luckily the GWS gearbox explodes on impact and preserves the motor, twice!.. styrofoam is definelty a good protector of equipment. I'm sure the motor shaft would have bent if I had used a metal gearbox..

I really cant say good enough things about my formosa, there is no pattern plane that can hover like it, has a trust/weight ratio of 2, its unstallable and foolproof, looks awesome (ditch the cheesy decals) and only $30.. Mr Lin is crazy!

Only regret I have is not fiberglassing it from the beginning.

BTW, the canopy needs to be modified to stay on if you upgrage the power package. It needs exponential in el and ail for pattern smoothness.

The only defect of the plane is that at my weigh level ( about 13oz auw) it will not stall or snap, its just too light.. the wing loading is too light.

How did you come up with $400 in parts?, gold servos?


Originally Posted by scurrier
It's not like I was an idiot when I built this thing either. I consider myself to be pretty handy, but I still really don't trust this thing. Has anyone else ever had the same doubts that have been confirmed/proved wrong?
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