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just my person suggestions

Originally Posted by jdreitman View Post
ZeroUav, Not sure if you've seen my video, but I think you might enjoy it. We turned the follow-me feature on and strapped the iphone to another copter. We then had the Zero Uav follow around that copter. It was pretty cool.

You'll notice however that it's not very steady. Each time the copter needed to get new coordinates, it had a very jerky motion. Any suggestions to make the auto-follow more steady?
hi ,my friend. i am very like the video that you was very cool ,
a little small regret is not very stable when the copter get new coordinates.

The follow is Only my personal suggestions.

1.the deviation of installion direction or virbration or shaking will affect the IMU/
during flight,you need observe the "vilbrate"and "shake"in "data"to judge
,it is normal range from 0-9.

2.the attitude adjustment of muliti-axies are based on motor speed adjustment
so the ruder sensitivity will affect the attitude adjustmen accuracy .you
need to adjust the weight \pitch propeller matching once more,
to make the motor keep enough speed and generat enough rudder effect. can adjust "toll and pitch sensitivity"in GCS, and "shaking compensation "
to do some certain adjustment.

4.try to do the better damping of PTZ. can change the PTZ Roll and Pitch Sensitivity in GCS.
these two parameters used to adjust the correction angle of gymbal .
if you feel correction angle is small ,can fill in bigger number.
on the contrary fill in smallnumber.

6.The quality of the phone's positioning capabilities maybe can affect the coordinates.

7.maybe use another IMU to make it more steady .

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