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Bizarely, we have actaully been flying, for the first time in 3 years apart from messing with the Cloud Tramps I have made everyone. with information recieved I made up a fresh motor for the Westwings Jade and at 7 AM me and the Middle son were out in the park flying it before the dog walkers and kids turned up.

Lordy we enjoyed it!, no long flights, a minute or so at most as it is trimmed to turn tightly to avoid over flying the trees * but ir climbed like mad when i put in a 1/32 shim to give some down angle on the prop and it was tough enough to survive bouncing off the odd tree. At 450 turns it was going too high and far and blind lucks the only reason theres not a very early Christmas decoration atop a tree!

About a hour back we were out again with a "seabird" (?) ornithroper, nothing more than 20 second flights but in the breeze it would hover and the lads loved that! Its been hanging from a beam for years since it was too big to fly indoors.

Cheshire? I was in Stockport for a number of years, and Staffordshire before that where a developed a taste for oatcakes and the wife, both of which I've kept. I fear I went native...

Er truth be told despite my best efforts to go cold turkey for a day or so I have the Replikits "Senator" out and it will be on the building board before the days over.



* and i dont know what Im doing really.
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