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So, I am totally confused on my ESC programming and calibration. Here is a video of me doing the same calibration procedure to the same ESC with two different responses:

1) power on my Rx and Tx
2) throttle to full position
3) 12V power to the ESC
4) wait for melody/beep
5) throttle to min position
6) wait for confirmation melody/beep

When I get to step 6, I get one beep sometimes and 2 beeps other times, and it alternates. Not sure what that is indicating. Also, If I wait after step 4 it starts going into a whole set of beeps starting with 1 short beep, 3 times, then 2 short beeps 3 times, and so on. I don't know if this is entering programming mode or what. I'm just really frustrated and confused because I can't find any info on these ESC's and on top of that, I have another set of 4 ESC's that I ordered at the same time as backups and they look and behave totally different. I have asked Tom at Hoverthings whats up and he has not given me a good explanation.

I'm really wondering if this is related to my loss of power issue because after flying again today, it feels like a timing issue. When I give it full throttle, sometimes it "catches" and takes off, other times it struggles and eventually catches.

Even if its not the cause of my problem, its still really annoying not knowing how these things work.
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