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Originally Posted by dihnen View Post
I've upgraded my quadrino zoom firmware to MultiWii 2.0. I went to try the "carefree" mode today thinking I understood it. Apparently I don't! I would really appreciate a simple explanation of how the controls work in this mode...

My understanding was that it could be used when I lose orientation. So I sent the quad out a little ways and then turned it sideways to me and pulled the cyclic down, but it didn't come back toward me as I thought it would...
I think you need to also have the MAG active when using Headfree, though I am not totally certain.

It also matters that when you plug in your quad to power that it is facing away from you because it initializes and calibrates itself at that time, it matters.

You should then be able to pull back on cyclic and have it come back toward you no matter the orientation.

As for using this as a bail-out for when you lose orientation, you can try to have it do that and it might work. But if you are losing orientation, I would suggest more practice. There is no substitute for stick time, ever.

Some seem to think that quads are easier to fly than helicopters and maybe they are a little (as they are fixed pitch) but you need to have mastered all orientations and fly confidently. The best thing I have found when I lose orientation is to trust my gut feeling and just tap a little in that direction to verify. I think it is easier to lose orientation on a quad than a heli (until you start flying inverted on the helicopters). Make sure you have some sort of lights or colored tape (I use really bright orange tape and colored props) to aid you in knowing the front from back and maybe even the side(s). Some have come up with more creative ways to help orientation, like a ping pong ball on a flexible tube fitted between the from arms in an arc, like you have.

One more tip: try to keep the quad in a non-flat attitude. Don't be afraid to bank it up! I lose orientation easily when flying in ACC. Manual mode lets you bank it more and keep it at an attitude that allows you to actually see it so it doesn't get lost in its own silhouette.

Personally I see little use for headfree. It is neat for sure, but it will only serve to unlearn or prevent you from learning how to really fly RC.

PM me, we should meet up sometime.

Good luck.

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