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San Simeon Trip #2

Another great trip flying in San Simeon. Flew multiple slopes training hard for a few hours every day. We would fly for a while at one slope, pack up and head to the next. It was once again VERY productive! We did lots of hiking and had a great time. More memories with my boys to remember for a lifetime.

Words cannot express how spoiled we are flying Point Fermin! Wow! The lift band at Fermin is a mile wide compared to other lip slopes I have been flying. The margin of error at most lip slopes is so small compared to Fermin where you go fast no matter what you do. Yes one can go faster with better execution at Fermin, but the penalty is not even close to the penalty at most other lip slopes….. Much like it will be in Germany, very tough! I can’t wait!

Feeling more confident with each trip up north. I have at least 3 more trips planned before leaving for the WC.

I am hoping we can have a good race there in San Simeon before the WC. There has been talk about it……but will people show up? I hope so. Please!

For the faint at heart……I have now been up in the area 7 days during two separate trips over the last 2 weeks. There has only been 1 day that was not flyable. 6 out of 7 days of flying is solid! The 6 days of flying where very flyable, fun and very challenging. I flew in 25+ with 10 slugs in the FS4 down to 10mph with 2 slugs and everything in between. If you’re up for a challenge and want to test your abilities….please come join us on our next trip. If you love natural beauty and incredible weather……like perfect…… come on the next trip. We would love to have the company.

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