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fuselage/wing fairing

The fairing is coming along. To get an accurate alignment and fit, I drew parallel lines 4 inches apart with a midpoint center line. I drew a center line on the top of the rear canopy former and on the end of the fuselage bottom. I blocked the fuselage in place upside down with the center line of the fuselage on the center line that I drew. I trimmed the inboard edges of the fairing blanks until the top of the outboard edges lined up on the outer lines that I drew, meaning that the blanks were a uniform 4 inches total width from front to back (2" from the center line). This was done with the fuselage upside down because I am using the top of the fairing blanks flat on the bench for alignment.

In order to drill the holes for the wing rods, I tack glued one fairing blank in place. Then, I carefully put a 1/4" drill bit through the main wing rod hole in both fuselage sides and then drilled through the blank. I did the same thing for the 1/8" rear wing rod.

Next, I tack glued the second fairing blank. I have a long 1/8" drill bit. So, I carefully put it through the first wing blank, then through the holes in both fuselage sides, and then drilled through the second blank. I popped the first blank off and drilled the 1/4" main wing rod hole in the second blank, using the holes in the 2 fuselage sides as guides.

To carve the blanks to shape, I used the wing rods to put one of the 1/8" plywood cap ribs on each side of the blank. I can only carve the bottom now because I need the square top for proper alignment when I epoxy the blank to the fuselage. Relying solely on the wing rod holes would be less accurate. I will carve the top after the blank has been epoxied to the fuselage. I used to use a long straight xacto blade for carving. Now, I use a Flexcut knife which is faster and safer. The long xacto blade can bend. Carving with the plywood cap ribs on each side is fast. I am angling the shape a bit so the inboard edge will be a bit larger than the cap rib outline. It looks like a little more mass may be needed at the rear end of the fairing where the cap rib comes to a point.

Looking at the first rough carved blank, it is hard to believe that the blanks used up an entire sheet of 3" x 3/4" x 36" balsa.
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