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Originally Posted by quitcherbitchen View Post
Quick question? How come every time I use my DX5 to fly my Champ it needs a rebind if I use it to fly my Super Cub and vice versa. Multiple flights on the same plane no rebind. Switch and I have to rebind. What gives?
Hi Guys.

Just got a Champ last week and am having a blast with it. I've been flying glow powered RC planes for many years. I decided to try electric several months ago and bought a Hobbyzone Super Cub DSM which came with a DX4E Tx. Plane flys great but since is about a 25 minute drive to the field where our club flies, I decided to get a Champ so when I don't have a lot of time, I can just go to a local park and fly the Champ.

I decided to bind the Champ to the DX4E since I like the feel of it better than the game controller style of the Champ Tx. The Champ flew great but the next time I took out the Super Cub, I had to re-bind it to the Tx. Have a good time flying it and when I got home I checked the Champ and sure was no longer bound to the Tx. I tried binding both planes at the same time in case it was an issue of the Tx searching for 2 clean frequencies each time I put it in bind mode thinking that both planes would be bound to the Tx on the same two frequencies but only the Super Cub would bind. The Champ would not until I did the bind process with only the Champ.

Sending a note to Hobbyzone tech support and see what they say.

Response From Hobbyzone Tech Support

That is correct, you can only bind one receiver at a time to a transmitter. The reason is for security in the link. The link is only between the transmitter and receiver in use. This cuts the probability of interference.
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