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Originally Posted by Rifraf View Post
Hey there. Luis asked that I post pics and info with my 500 build, so here it goes. My build is going REALLY slow. I only get a few minutes here and there to work on things. My first couple of comments, after getting the box open and motors mounted:

1) Packaging: a bunch of the G-10 was scratched because of the loose parts in the box. It might be worthwhile to wrap them in paper or plastic to keep the screws from scratching the loose G-10.

2) Motor mounts. The motor mounting is tight, mainly because of placement of the 3-wire bundle coming out of the motor (picture attached). It seems the solution would be to have the motor mount slots offset by 22.5 degrees, or placing the post on the inside further from the motor so that that wire has a little more room to flex. As it is, it is probably fine, but I don't like putting as much flex as I did on the wires to get it to fit.

3) I am using 20A ESCs, looks like they wont fit in the frame. With something this size and shape, it'd be nice if they did.

4) Tail: why only a single cross brace, not 2 to match up with the dual vertical braces in the frame? I've read a little about this area, and it seems a little weak. I will probably try to strengthen this a little.

Build is slow, but so far looks great. Once I get it all together I'll have a better feel for the situation as a whole. I'll be using the Naze 32. I'm really looking forward to how this will fly.

I originally had a set 2822 1400 KV motors (for sale, now!), but decided to go with a Power Up 400 Sport (28 x 28, 1050 KV). I have a stock of 10" and 9" props. I'll start with 10" all around, but might try the 9" in the rear as some have done.
Where did you buy your kit?
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