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Hey guys..

So I do get a few comments about the scratches.. :-(

on your order screws may have come out of package but normally should not be loose in the box.

but even so...

the Color sheets are easy to scratch.. some of it show's up scratch.. even with efforts from supplier to individually wrap the colors sheets.. about the only color that seem to be scratch resistant is Orange.


Frames go thorough a LOT of handling.. before they make it to the box.

Sheets are cut .. then I cut the frame .. then snap the part of of the sheets.
then wash each parts.. then test for fit.. ( sometime they are to tight) have to clean them up.. ect.. I even shop around for some brushes that can effectively clean the part but not scratch .. not to successful

:-) ..

As for motor and ESC mounting.. I think kipkol had used some 30amp not sure if he put them inside. .. I know 18amp fit inside.... but cramped.. Eric has posted some pics of that.. 10amp of course fit easy .. in the boom itself..

The motor wires can be a problem but I've done a few..
I used.. emax with round motor stand so it was easy to twist.. ( not fair not the same)

I did build a few with fix motor mounting plate as you did.. and just cut the heat shrink.. ran one wire on one side of the boom.. and two on the other..

I guess risk is if you pull a wire to hard ect.. after you remove the heat shrink of three wires.. could be a problem..

maybe a small rotation is in order..

one I put the cutting files into production .. take a bit of time to re-modify them.
one I have some time I'll try that see how it work on next build..

But keep us posted see how you do..
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