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There is nothing 'wrong' with anyone wanting to run one on 6S. Cell count is not about power, that is about efficient power.... OR, also power if you wanted that.
The motor KV is the key point in a Cell count choice.
If you only want 1.4Kg, you can get that from 4S, 5S, 6S.... and the 6S way will be more efficient. The less Amps you can run for any given power level the better. More cells means you can run less Amps.
If you want 1.7Kg, you are pretty well locked in for 5S or 6S. And if you want 1.9Kg or more... 6S.
Though you might even be able to fry up some motor pushing a 4S combo to 2.0kg too.... hehe

You would have fun finding a motor of the right KV for 1.4Kg on 6S though! LOL. It would need about 1700kv to 1800kv... which they do exist, but hard to get. (tho Leopard do make plenty of suitable ones right through that area too. 2850 series, or 2860 series).

I consider up to about 2.0Kg is totally fine for the stock rotor and housing. They are not showing an inkling of issue to that level. Just balance them up well... like you should to any fan anyway.
I have no interest in power over that level... well, maybe to 2.1Kg area approx. - on the bench, which will be less once in-plane use anyway.
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