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What type of glider?

Hi HotAir2,

Neal, if you have 'switched' mixers for your "Crow Landing" set up, or any other switched mixers, you could use the FY31AP. It really depends on how much spare capacity or channels you have on your radio TX.

Control logic and philosophy: The fy31 does not care how many servos you have, or what it is installed in. It deals with stability and navigation. You tell it "Here is my datum, move the pitch, yaw and roll outputs to maintain this datum."

So, if your scale glider can fly with pitch, yaw and roll commands from your TX, the FY31 can stabilise it, and navigate it.

The Functions available from FY31 are TX switch selectable:
1. RC mode: you fly with no FY31 influence.
2. ABM mode: you fly and FY31 stabilises, when you have finished your TX inputs.
3. NAV mode: FY31 has full control, you can go for a coffee, while it navigates to it's stored waypoints in sequence.
4. ACM mode: FY31 has full control and will fly continious pre-set circle radius, could be problematical for thermalling as it maintains a GPS location and will not go with the wind drift.
5. RTL mode: FY31 has full control and will fly back to your initialized start/launch point and then circle in acm mode when it gets there.

Here's the $64,000 question, Can you adapt your rc TX switchable outputs to match the requirements. i.e. Can you configure your TX so that, you can enable a normal flying mode, with all your mixes, crow, ail/rudder mix, etc, and another switchable mode for FY31 enabled flying?
This would give you both options. I use Graupner/JR radio and it is extremely versatile at this kind of stuff, unfortunately, it depends on the capability of your own radio system.
Another possibility is to use Rudder and Elevator only connected to the FY31, if your glider is stable enough and can be controled with just two channels, connect the rudder servo to the aileron output of the FY31, it works.
Hope this helps in some way.

regards to all,

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