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Originally Posted by bgnome View Post
A great movie indeed, and miss O'hara was HAWT!!!
the sainted bride and I watch at least once a month. Im going to have to break down and get the remastered DVD, the copy I have right now is a digital transfer from VHS.

By the way.. I'm 38, and the missus 43, not a spring chicken anymore, but not that advanced in years earlier, well... a decade or so in the beer mines and making it past 35, the bod is getting a bit treacherous
but, I've been watching "old" movies all my life and have quite the collection of cheesy B grade sci-fi and horror..

Remember kids.. before there was made for video, heck, before there WAS video, you had the made for drive-in, and midnight screenings class of movies that no one was really watching anyways... if'n y'all know what I'm talking about and um... *wink* I think you do!
way back in the day, the Drive-in showed the A movie first, then after a break to get people to the snack bar the "B" movie ran of course many of us just used the intermission to ah....come up for air before the second half of tonsil hockey
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