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Originally Posted by hexa
If thats the case TBS who he is supporting would also be violating copy right,
1) TBS got permission from DJI for using their arms as part of their Discovery kit.
2) Copyright of industrial design is implicit - it does not need to be claimed in writing.
3) The "diy" frames you were talking about in the other thread were direct copies of the TBS Discovery frame. There was no original design. They are an obvious violation of copyright.

Originally Posted by hexa
This is the same guy TBS who help banned RC flying in the USA.
The same dude who is banned from RCG.
Seriously, where do you guys get this BS?

I've seen an absurd number of people on RCG claiming that Trappy was somehow responsible for having RC/FPV banned in the US. Do two things for me: 1) Show me the law(s) that came into effect to ban FPV since Trappy first flew in the US. 2) Show me a connection between those laws and Trappy's actions. You know what? You can't do either, because you're talking absolute rubbish.

You want to know the reason there is so much politics and back stabbing in this forum? It's because of people like you, who spread the lies of people with agendas because you're too lazy to check the facts.
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