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Originally Posted by David Canfield View Post
Thanks guys! I am the first person to look for true causes. I will say that in 7 years of sport and contest flying I have never had a radio issue that caused a loss of control of a model.

The tilting on the naza like it is out of trim is a recurring issue for me. I have tried to lift off in gps and it acts so out of trim that I can barely get it level. Or I can be hovering in manual or atti flip into gps and it will bank very hard to one direction, flip out of gps and it will level out. This does not happen all the time but enough to be a problem. I am going to remove the radio as a suspect on that issue. I also fly 700 electric helicopters and airplanes and I have never had random out of trim issue like this. Again it does not happen in manual or atti modes, every flight before gps was perfect.

My Wookong loss of throttle control is the one that concerns me. As stated other models were flown that day multiple times with no issue with throttle. Monitor screen was checked after crash with no sign of jumping or none working pot. I have never seen just one channel not work on a flight like that.

I will work to try and find the true causes, as I am not looking to blame any one device but more to insure this does not re-occure.
David, are you sure you do not have trims in the different fllight modes? Also are you recycling power after each flight on your radio?

I have noticed if you dont recycle power on the radio, the fc will not find center sometimes. (on my setup about 1 out of 4 times)

Next time you see this, please dont power off anything and check the fc via the software.

I just find it really odd that you had two failures in the same day with differnet hardware..
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