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UM-to-60-inch fixed wing
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Construction thoughts:

-- The AR6400T has the rudder and elevator servo integrated in the board. perhaps I should plan to put the board in one boom, aft of a motor, over or behind the wing. Then, I can run the elevator and rudder control linkages aft, through the boom to the tail surfaces. This, in turn, would allow me to control the elevator from one end, so the surface needs to be relatively stiff and perhaps balanced. For the rudders, I can use a pitch horn on one and use a linkage to reach across to the other side. Again, stiffness will be important. perhaps, a trailing edge carbon rod linking the two.

-- The aileron servo could easily be in the opposite boom and I would use a single aileron, full-span on the outboard section. If the single surface proves insufficient, I can run a long rod to the opposite wing for a second aileron.

-- I could also use a balsa or foam, stringer approach to the fuselage and cover it with a material like aerolite.
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