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Originally Posted by samwei1950 View Post
Kanai-san have been dedicated to the vertical finless gliding birds for 10 years,found one his latest version plans from Japaness magzine.
the Kanai's gull glider,same as his birds' family,used seperated alirons to control the yaw which is quite interesting vs Bob's twisting wingtips.
the spec. of Kanai's gull glider:
RTF weight...240grams
RC channels:tail X1 servo
wing X 2 servos(seperated ailerons)
control range of the seperated ailerons: outer aileron...-45 to +5 degree
inner aileron...+25 to -5 degree
That is the first control scheme I was going to try with the Eagle. Trying to fly it with no vertical tail I am very concerned with adverse yaw. Low speed controllability could get interesting That's why conventional ailerons probably won't work too well. The split aileron/drag flap will alleviate the adverse yaw but is not very efficient as everytime the controls move, they create lots of drag and loss of lift. Bob Hoey's tip feather arrangement is more efficient but in order for them to work he needs alot of negative incidence on the tip feathers. He's not gaining any lift from the tip feathers like a real bird but on the other hand it works for turning the model. Ideally whats needed is the ability to twist the outer wing panels like ailerons. That's where the "easy part" ends. Mechanically accomplishing this would put more weight at the wingtips and cause Dutch Roll problems. For now, it's all about compromise so I'll try it with the split flap/ailerons first and go from there.
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