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The benefits from modeling from an early age are many. My interest started in my preschool years with my older brother and Jim Walker 74 Fighter gliders. Got into building and flying control line planes, which resulted in some duel time in a full-scale Super Cub from my buddy's uncle (a WWII Hellcat pilot). Then came flying lessons (1963), military flight school, and years of flying, both military and private. I still fly and own a Light Sport Aircraft for fun.
AirBike (3 min 33 sec)
Yes, I continued building and flying models, CL for many years, and then into electric RC. I taught my three sons to fly models, so now that is a "family activity," and one is a Private Pilot. I do prefer building with balsa, since I feel like I have more control over the final product. Not only does modeling provide hous of fun, but it gives you the opportunity to get to know some really nice people with interesting stories and experience to share.

Gus Morfis is a retired aircraft design engineer with many years experience creating some of our nation’s fine fighter aircraft. He also designs models, and make plans available. He recently sent the following:

“The sacrifice of the obsolescent Douglas TBD-1 Devastators at the Battle of Midway pulled the Japanese Zeros down to the water's surface. While the Zeros were busy defending their carriers the TBDs, the Douglas SBD-1s Dauntlesses were able to dive down and sink three Japanese carriers in fifteen minutes! There were virtually no Zeros around to intercept them.
This was a loss from which the Japanese were not able to recover, and after the Battle of Midway, the Japanese were forced on to the defensive, with no real hope for them prevailing.

“The Dauntlesses rightly were the heroes of this battle, for they struck the key blows that destroyed Japan's hopes in the Pacific War. Almost all of the Devastators were shot down by the Japanese in that action, and that was the last time that they ever sortied on a combat mission.

“My Devastator Speed 400 design is really very basic to build. Wingspan is 33-1/2" and wing area is 188 sq. in. This is a model that will look well wearing the wartime max sized USN 'meatball' insignia, but it also wore the very colorful USN prewar color scheme.”

The cost of the Devastator plan is $15.00 shipped. Gus will mail it First Class to US addresses. Canadians will have to add $2.00 for additional postage. Contact Gus directly at:

Gus has lots of other designs for the true model builders.

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