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Originally Posted by skarface View Post
Why do crash? Someone please tell me, I was just doing normal rollers and turn left and right doing figure 8's and just plane circles just rolling around all of a sudden plane goes straight for the ground at about 3/4 throttle I can't even remember what happended it did it so fast I just know I had 10ft and it was still spiining when it hit it was upright when it hit, broke the prop but now need a new motorbox, this makes me just want to move on and stop flying, I am good but then I am just doing my normal rollers and nose points down and I crash.

Me wanting to move on and forget this hobby is not becasue I just crashed my plane. It is because this is the first I was gonna be able to fly today since my motor problems well my motor still does not work so I put the 103g in there well a 13x6.5 it was getting way hot so I put a 12x6 on it well then I almost crashed 3 times in one flight because I di not have enough power to come out of a move, 103g is not enough for this plane. Now the plane does the most random nose dive and I need a new MB kit when also I need a new motor. What ever.........................................

If you want to stay in the hobby you'll have to learn to live with crashes. Most of us will have some caused by mistakes here and there, and pretty much everyone else will eventually have one due to equipment failure.

Today I was on my 1st flight of the day with my 74" edge and as I come in low harrier to hover I see my left aileron start freaking out with some crazy twitching deflections. I got lucky and was able to land, it looks like a had a servo extension go bad as I could tap the wire and get the twitch. A buddy had a spare extension and I had no issues the rest of the day. Had that glitch happened and locked over on me I could have easily lost the plane.

It does suck when something goes wrong and you don't know what it was for sure, but sometimes "stuff" happens. I have no clue why my extension failed, plane has at least 50 flights with no issues, can't see any physical damage.
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