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A great movie indeed, and miss O'hara was HAWT!!!
the sainted bride and I watch at least once a month. Im going to have to break down and get the remastered DVD, the copy I have right now is a digital transfer from VHS.

By the way.. I'm 38, and the missus 43, not a spring chicken anymore, but not that advanced in years earlier, well... a decade or so in the beer mines and making it past 35, the bod is getting a bit treacherous
but, I've been watching "old" movies all my life and have quite the collection of cheesy B grade sci-fi and horror..

Remember kids.. before there was made for video, heck, before there WAS video, you had the made for drive-in, and midnight screenings class of movies that no one was really watching anyways... if'n y'all know what I'm talking about and um... *wink* I think you do!
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