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Originally Posted by Norman Adlam View Post
I'm interested to know what you guys would do to address the impact of more drug taking?

From what I can see, take drugs and keep it to yourself - fine, BUT it never seems to be like that! There's the addiction which no amount of money that you currently have seems to be enough - so the drive to take it from others, the (often) reduction in acceptable behaviour (driving, violence, failure to look after your responsibilities - like family, jobs etc).

Personally, as I suspect you can guess, I think drug taking and the dependency (including smoking, drinking!) is a loser occupation, and as I'm not a loser I don't do any - apart from a glass of wine once a week.
You would address it the same way you'd address any other addiction. It would simply no longer be criminalized.

Consumption would of course be controlled in the same manner as alcohol.
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