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Nice review. Well written, great photos and good reporting. Thanks for providing the review.

I would be interested in any further experience anyone can report.

I am a member of a glider club. We have a lot of Radans, Radian Pros and some Easy Glider Pros. Has anyone flow this glider and those who can provide a comparison?

We have a monthly Altitude Limited Electric Soaring contest. Can this glider hit 200 meters in 30 seconds on the climb? If it can it would be a good candidate for the ALES e-glider contest format. If not, then has anyone put a watch and an altimiter on it to see what it hits in 30 seconds? A Stock Radian hits about 170 meters and, with a prop change will hit 200 meters. I would be VERY interested to know how this one does on climb.

Has anyone put a wattmeter on the stock motor/prop/battery combo?

How well does it thermal. Contests are a great way to get a good reading on the thermal soaring ability of a plane compared to other gliders. Has anyone tried this in a soaring contest?

I have to say that the range on the receiver concerns me for the RTF or TX-R versions. From what I have read the Tactic receivers are only good for 1000 feet. At lest the Anylink module states it is only good for 1000 feet and the limiter is usually the receiver.

1000 feet is not enough range for a glider of this wing span. I would be VERY concerned about flying out of range when thermal soaring as this glider could easily get higher and farther out than 1000 feet in the hands of an experienced glider pilot.

Eager for any feedback on these points.
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