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Originally Posted by Dragoneyes View Post
Hi all, I am new to the forum and have a FlameWheel 450 with GPS but I have no idea how
to set the GPS up. I don't know electronics, so a step by step would be most appreciated. I can fly the 450 without the GPS no problem but would like to have something for out of sight
return if needed (assumeing the battery doesn't give out). So any help would be greatly appreciated and much needed. Thanks in advance. Also need help with switch selection and failsafe.
Did you buy the GPS afterwards or did the Naza come with the GPS. If the GPS is a new addition you'll need to update the Naza firmware to support the GPS (from DJI's website - get the latest Naza assistant and it will download the new firmware automatically during the Naza setup). Make sure your GPS is fitted to your copter and plugged into your Naza. It should connect automatically and be recognised once the new software is installed.

Follow the instructions on the latest Naza manual (from DJIs website). Make sure the arrow on the GPS faces forwards (the side with the cable is the front). Follow the steps to setup a 3 position switch for GPS/ATTI/MAN (will depend on your radio), calibrate the compass. If the copter wont fly in a straight line with GPS or wants to 'toilet bowl' when hovering with GPS rotate your GPS in the opposite direction to compensate.

For RTH, progarm a switch to allow manual RTH setting then bind your RX in failsafe mode with the RTH switch selected. Your RX should take that switch setting as its failsafe setting (will depend on your RC system). Use the Naza assistant to confirm failsafe works with the radio switched off.

For more detailed information go to the "Naza GPS Owners" thread at
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