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Hello folks,

I now have a Radian pro with reinforced wing leading edges.

It's ready to fly weight is 39.05 oz.

The manual calls for 34.6 oz; an increase of 4.45 oz which includes a 3/16" thick plywood fin leading edge 6" x 1" all the way down to the fuselage bottom 3" forward of the original fin leading edge projection to the bottom of the fuselage.

Also includes flying wires on the feathers to keep the 90 degrees relationship and a little tail skid that keep the fuselage rear end and rudder away from ground contact.

The CG is 77 mm behind the root leading edge.
The decalage is 3.8 degrees properly measured.

Note that some fellows have reported zero decalage but their pictures actually show just about 2 degrees. The best is between 3 and 4 degrees and that is far from the stalling angle.

More flying experimentations are coming soon.

Also more modifications such as hinging the rudder with Dubro small pinned hinges and changing some horns and clevisses.

Rome was not built in one day .

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