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Originally Posted by Watdazit View Post
I have taken delivery of my Radian pro and maidened it. From the launch it just flew from my hand, level and true. Beautiful. As other have said it does not float like my old Radian but it certainly flies very accurately despite........

Firstly my left wing aileron and flap in the neutral position do not line up at the meeting point by about 6mm. The right wing is almost spot on. There does appear to be a twist in the left Aileron. Question is how to fix it.

The second problem and being a newbie to flaperons has got me stuffed. When I deploy Camber, Reflex and Crow the ailerons do not function correctly. I am using a DX7 and have set up as the revised version of the Horizon recommendation. This is what happens:

Reflex (3 position switch to 2)
Left aileron up, left flap down
Right aileron down, right flap down

Camber (3 position switch to N)
Left Aileron down, left flap up
Right aileron up, right flap up

Crow (Gear switch to 1)
Both flaps down
Right aileron up, left aileron down.

Does anyone have a pointer to where I have gone wrong please?


It is not rare to have distortion in foam production.

Mine also has some twist but not as much as 6 mm.
Check the linkages with the servos at neutral.

Some of the things to check _ _ _

The incidence of the wings to be the same.
Mine are the same from root to dihedral and no discernable twist. The dihedral break to tip has about one degree of washout on both sides (right and left wing).

Flaps and ailerons
I have some slight twist.
With the servos at neutral I have set the linkages so that the inner end of the flaps are level with the wing roots and the outer end of the ailerons are level with the wing tips. This has resulted with just about 1 to 2 mm of misalignment where the outer end of the flaps meet the inner end of the ailerons. Fortunately the misalignment is in the same direction with the left wing flap about 1 mm lower than the right wing.

This misalignment (twist) does not seem to create a noticeable difference in the wings lift. The dynamic lateral balance is good.

Concerning the programming of the DX7

If you have used the programming found in the internet and reproduced somewhere in this forum there is omissions in that set up which cause what you are observing.

That programming as I recall from memory about six months ago does not show settings for the offsets.

Make sure all offsets are set at zero in all 5 mixes.

Also there was an error in mix 1 ....
It had .... Select GEAR > FLAP
It has to be ... Select AUX2 > FLAP

I regret not having time at this moment to type a full setup that works fine. I have two sailplanes that have the proper setup and work good.


P.S.: Quasi Mojo posted while I was typing.
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