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MiruMod + GPS

In case someone is interested in a very simple way of installing the mod on the AR.Drone I'm sharing pictures on my setup. Basically I use 2 black plastic cable ties, that wrap around the velcro straps in the battery compartment of the Drone. No need to cut any holes, etc. it is fully P&P and can be easily removed.

The GPS module can of course be easilly detached if not needed.

In case someone wonders what are the pins next to USB port used for, these are connected to 2 spare channels (7&8 of the receiver) and can be used e.g. to connect servos for camera pan&tilt or some switches. There is also a connector to attach external power (if Nano's regulator cannot cope) and one pin to power it from Nano (if the power requirements are not too big). These pins can also be used for binding the receiver and after disconnecting the 12v pin from the drone, also for powering Nano itself from external power source.

On the opposite side yo can also see the setup pins.

PROS of this setup:
- easy to install/remove
- additional functions (such as extra channels, and power options)
- all components located close to the Drone's center of mass (so flight characteristic should not be affected)
- fits nicely under the hull - no need to drill holes in it

- can't see Arduino/GPS leds with hood on

EDIT: you can connect external LED (with resistor) to pin 13 to solve that problem, also as of rev019 (thanks miru) after moving the throttle stick down while in LAND it will also show the GPS state.
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