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kk board firmware xcopter v4.7 by kapteinkuk

Hi, Everyone
I'm new to this and I need some help getting my xcopter running. I have been reading this post (Improved firmware for the KK multicopter, also the HK KK) now for hours and there is just too much info. I have a quadcopter x 525 that I got from good luck buy. It has a black kk board on it. I've loaded the firmware xcopter v4.7 using the kk multicopter flash tool from the repository. I think that I am close to getting it flying but after I configure everything I get some goofy responses from my motors.

I am using Spektrym DX6

When I push the elevator stick forward my back to motors will spin up real fast. But when I pull the elevator stick back my front two motors do not spin up as fast as my back two did.

Also, and I'm not sure exactly what this is called, but here I go. When I move the aileron stick to the Right my left two motors spin up real fast, but just like my elevator stick, when I move the stick in the opposite direction or left my right two motors do not spin up much at all.

When I operate the rudder, rudder right or rudder left the motors seem to spin up equally for there desired operation. I can not figure out what is wrong for the life of me.

When I loaded version 4.7 I had to flip the pots zero direction.
After that I set the throttle calibration using the yaw pot.

Can someone please shoot out some Ideas I know that may not be enough info ask me question if more is needed.

That other post is almost unusable. Lots of good info but impossible to follow.

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