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Originally Posted by syzygyQ View Post
These 2S 7.4V 1000mah lipos charge via the XH balance lead only on the stock Walkera charger (JST not connected -- also the same applies to the 3S TX battery)

If I have a 306B with an XH / XT60 paraboard, can I just plug in the balance leads only of these 2S cells and get proper balance charges on them? Or using the 306B will I have to plug in those JST leads also?

Likewise with these 3S 11.1V 850mah lipos They have the same type of leads as the Walkera 3S TX lipo mentioned above that charges via the XH lead only.

With these 850 3S lipos, can I charge them OK on the 306B using only the XH balance connectors on the XH / XT60 balance board? Or will the JST plugs have to be plugged in to the 306B?

I don't see a JST paraboard at EPBuddy (I'd like to use the XH / XT60 paraboard anyway as it serves my main purpose)..

I've seen connectors that adapt JST to XT60. Looks like these might work if the JST on the above described batteries must be plugged into the 306B paraboard. I'm trying to figure out what accessories to buy along with the 306B.

I'm brand new to this field -- thanks for your patience and assistance.
The 306b like most high power chargers will not charge through the balance connector. The main leads must be connected. Getting some of those JST to XT60 adapters is what you need to do.
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