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Originally Posted by AirBornOne View Post
Sounds interesting but I gotta tell ya,(PS I'm not in purchasing mode these days but I still shop)
From the first posting till now all you have said is fluff.
It took awhile to even find out this is a 2.5m 2 piece wing,E-assist 'Thermal Racer' slope soarer.What does that mean exactly?
Special building technique? Well,how special? Details man!
I would need to know what this is made of,how it's made,what level of durability I can expect,what glues do I use to assemble/repair,planform details,etc. before I would consider spending any money.
Aileron/elev. w/ e-power? Gonna need rudder and either flaps or spoilers (or both,ya know there's spoiler people & flap people out here).
I think the TR looks great. The spinner fit needs work though.
Would really like to Know more.
I agree; there is a paucity of details here. The most effort seems to have gone into the plane's graphics, which is a bit *sre backwards, but perhaps not unexpected given the design background here...

A few thoughts occur to me:

1. The details of the airfoil need to be made public. I for one wouldn't think of buying a plane without knowing a bit about it's airfoil (i.e. either that it's from a huge setup like Mutliplex, or otherwise the actual cross section needs to be published, as well as the designers' reasons and thought's behind what he expects the foil to do).

2. Not providing a rudder or flaps goes against my understanding of the price point I thought your'e aiming for (as I explain in my previous post above). If you market the plane as a "beginners model" with no rudder and flaps, you WILL have to charge less than a Radian or EasyGlider, notwithstanding any superior finish the plane may have...

3. We really ned to know more about this material that is "similar to carbon fibre"!

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