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Originally Posted by ridge_racer View Post
Maybe it is a good thing that I have that plastic gear as a fuse. I ended up doing some research and found out the cheaper plastic geared analog servo gear set has the same gear that I need. I still hate taking them apart but they seems to work find once the gear was replaced. No weird jitters.
I just had another D654 start to crap out on me, when I pushed on the servo horn it would travel in that direction them return. If I hadn't noticed this before I flew I would have crashed. Opened the servo and one of the motor wires fell off. Resoldered it (and the other for good measure) and that fixed it. I will continue to use it for a week or two till the new Ino Labs come in for my FLB upgrade but I'm throwing them in the trash after that.

The Solars have really bad wiring, particularly the motor wires. They use thin hairlike wires and very little solder and I don't think they are safe to use in a high vibration environment like a helicopter because of this.

Ironicly the Corona 929's I'm using in my backup HK beater helicopter that cost half as much as the Solar D654s have much, much better wiring. The wires are thicker and the tabs on the motor and pot are larger and hold more solder.
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