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iCharger 208B Err: FLASH Memory

What do you mean by "flashing it with the right firmware" ? My unit has never run correctly nor charged, ever since I received it yesterday.
I flashed it with the four latest firmwares (for the 208B) to test it but without luck, it always gives me the same error message. The only difference being, firmware 3.10~3.13 let's me navigate through the menu and options but gives me the "ERR:FLASH Memory" when it boots up and when trying to start charging, while it reboots every 2-3 seconds and hangs completely with firmware 3.14.

Replacing transistors wouldn't be a problem. I have the gear and experience for it.
But first I have to know what is causing this problem. I'm really annoyed with this "ERR:FLASH Memory" message.
I've openend it now and I have to say the PCB doesn't really look like the pictures on SteveM732 [] review of the 208B.
=> All the vias are on the board now (no more surface mounted wires), the solderings look neat and clean. It passed visual inspection with my magnifying glasses and multimeter signal test for the most critical connections.
This makes me angrier as I know this is a revised version (v5.1 it seems) and I'm just out of luck.

Originally Posted by N6145k View Post
You may be able to remove some transistors, flash it with the right firmware, and then replace those transistors. But wait for junsi to let you know.
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