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You will know if the belt is too tight or too loose. Too loose and tail won't hold. Too tight and your HS is gonna suffer. Ok, update for today and flight #3 on this heli (still in 1 piece, barely). Ok, so took off today and had some wag. Brought it back down and dropped gain. (I have a turnigy 9x so its possible the gain setting I changed yesterday didn't save so that might be the prob with that). Ok, took off again and no wag. After my rudder issue yesterday I did some test piros. Nose right and nose left. Nose left is probably twice as fast as nose right. Ok, so started a circuit, and sure enough the exact same thing happened as yesterday but this time I remembered what the tail did. I was doing a right banking turn coming towards me. The tail didn't wanna continue through the turn so that would equate to the tail not wanting to go left. Almost crashed exactly as yesterday. Landed it to check the linkage. Disconnected pushrod from the servo and the whole thing is smooth as silk so I don't think its a binding issue. Also got a new issue today. On full pitch climbouts my tail kicks right, at one point doing a complete 180. I'm not as worried about the tail kick as I am the the tail not wanting to go left in a turn. That would be against torque so apparently I guess in FFF while turning something is keeping the tail from overcoming the torque. Not sure where to start troubleshooting on this as my tail has full pitch range.
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