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Originally Posted by Flyingveryhi View Post
EPP FPV IMO is a great model for FPV.
Stable and not modifications needed..
You can load and test any equipment you want.Weight is never an issue for that rc plane.
I can prove this by my videos.
Just a bit of practice and you ready.
You don't need any special skills to fly it.
Don't forget people rc World it is a game World.
In real life with about 10 hours of flight lessons you able to fly solo full size aircraft's..
They are just a flying models.


6g is nothing for this model with AUW of 2.5Kg.Loops rolls and inverted flight easily can be executed.
This is not the only model i have.
I test fly many well known and unknown rc models and my opinion for EPP FPV is if you want a model for almost all the jobs go for it.

About wind check this video and how stable it is!
Sounds like someone from China talking here or you work for HK. You are so far wrong it's not funny.

Well, it is funny cos you say this is a 'wonder plane', it can do anything. Loops, rolls, inverted etc. Why would you buy this plane for aerobatics or anything other than FPV??? I have a Suhkoi for that.

'Just a bit of practice and you ready' Ready for what? and what is 'practice' ? a paper plane? And 'a game world'?? We fly in the REAL world in the same airspace as REAL people with REAL lives that could be compromised with comments like this.

These comments risk encouraging inexperienced, but well intentioned people to put a 2+kg RC plane that is essentially a UAV into the air and risk damaging property or into the path of full scale operators.
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