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Twisted Hobbys/RC Factory 48 3/4" Sbach 342 Ė Build Ė Discussion-Have Fun, Thread

RC Factory - 48" Sbach- From Twisted Hobbys

Product Link:

Hey Guys,

Well, it's here! The 48 3/4" SBach 342 from RC Factory just cleared customs and will be shipping shortly. It is one of the newest offerings from Twisted Hobbyís, the only US importer of the RC Factory EPP designs . The 342 was designed by Jan Sedlacek and the RCF team. Jan is the current Czech F5D champion and is a long time F3A competitor. The plane is modeled after the RS 352 SBach, German designed aerobatic plane. The 342 is a follow up to the smaller 1m or 39Ē RCF planes such as the Flash, Yak and the SU-29. The 342 is for Extreme and 3D aerobatics, offers smooth pattern performance and can be an ideal 3D trainer. This one should be fun!

I have been eagerly anticipating its arrival ever since Brad from Twisted Hobbyís asked me if I would do the build thread. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. I have been a fan of the TH product since day one when Brad developed and started selling the Yedge , Vector, Slick and now the Crack series and the Telinks and RCF product. I think the Yedge came out about 4 years ago now . Time flyís when youíre flying the best EPP out there.

Flight Report: :

This thread is going to be a work in progress designed to be informative, enlightening and at times life changing. OkÖ so we probably will not enlighten or change anyoneís life but hopefully we can be informative. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to better the thread, please donít hesitate to contribute. And remember,Ö.The only dumb question is the one not askedÖ. (That was in my fortune cookie last night. Sounded good at the time?)

Electronic Recommendations:

Power Combo Link:

Product Link

Wing Span : 48 3/4"
Flying weight : 21 to 25 oz
Motor: AXI 2808/24 Outrunner 200 Ė 400w (70 - 100g)
ESC : Min 30amp For lite set-upís. 45 Amp for heavier set-ups.
Servos : 14 Ė 18gram Metal Gear
Power : 3s 1500 Ė 2200
Prop : 10 x 4.7 Ė 11 x 4.7

Twisted Hobby's, Color Photo Illustrated Build Manual:

Build Manual: (Diagram Only)

Flight Video Link:

Shawn DuBois (AKA GravityCheat) Flying the RCF Sbach 342
Shawn DuBois Flying the Sbach 48.8 inch EPP by RC Factory (4 min 56 sec)

Jan Votava associate member of team RC Factory putting the 342 thru it's paces

Build Notes: The main fuselage carbon bracing will be the only area of the build where I will be using CA. Although RCF recommends using CA throughout the entire build, we are recommending using CA only on the main fuse carbon bracing and Welders on the rest of the build. We are using CA on the fuselage section because there is very little glue surface for the fuse stiffeners to adhere to the EPP, CA is simply the better choice for this area. CA also dryís creating a stiffer joint, helping to insure the fuse section remains stiff. We are using and recommending Welders on the remainder of the build. Welders can be purchased at many Loweís or TH has it available here:

There are numerous techniques for using Welders glue. I will share the method I use but feel free to use whatever method works best for you. When using Welders, I coat both surfaces to be mated, I then join the two pieces and pull them apart several times. I then let them sit apart for a minute or two and sometimes longer for the larger joints such as the wing halves. By doing this, you create an immediate bond when the two pieces are again mated and also, drying time is greatly reduced. Drying time will vary depending on the amount of glue used, size of pieces being glued, environment etc.. But in most cases, you can continue the build within a very short period of time.
[B]Important Build Note:
The motor mount needs to be installed prior to the top fuse section. Installing it after the top is on is very difficult. There is no need for toothpicks or anchoring tabs as mentioned in the instructions. Just Welders it to the surrounding foam.
Build Photos:
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