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Originally Posted by N6145k View Post
Also, I am familiar with how firmware engineers write firmware, and not a lot of them can justify every line of code they write, or have the luxury of doing the kind of testing you would be required to do if you were designing avionics or pace makers. Sometimes, they take a stab, plan to revisit, get pressured to release, have no problems during non-exhaustive testing, and so on. It is one of the reasons why so many products require firmware updates, and why so many products have latent bugs.
Lol that happens with more then firmware. I used to write software for a Cisco OEM and it didn't matter how many bugs or issues there were come release. If it functioned at all Cisco would shove it out the door and worry about doing half-baked fixes later. The release date had to be met no matter what. And this was software that many companies rely on for "mission critical" business operations.
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