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@menace69 Good beginners guide, especially for those using a 9x.

Re. Aux2 - this is just a single line in config.h. You need to uncomment it like this:

#define RCAUXPIN8

To make pin 8 AUX2, or uncomment the one below it

#define RCAUXPIN12

To make pin 12 AUX2. Don't uncomment them both; one or the other.

As for the battery/no battery issue, it depends. If you are just working with the multiwii board, with no ESCs plugged into it, it will draw its power from the FTDI adaptor just fine, so no battery is required.

But if you have ESCs plugged into the board, you will in most cases need to have the battery connected. This is because with no battery, each ESC draws a little bit of power from the board. Since the USB port will only supply 0.5A, the board supply voltage will dip too low. This is a bit variable, because different ESCs draw different amounts of current, and different USB ports supply slightly more/less current. But there should never be a situation where doing this damages the board, unless it is hooked up incorrectly.
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