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For some reason today was an 'off' day for me... just did not have much energy, concentration, coordination. Prolly should have stayed home, but decided to go to the field and hoped to feel better. Got there and promptly stuffed the ME-162 Komet again trying to hand launch it myself (probably 6th time crashing for that poor thing). The motor and part of the nose foam came out, so back into the car with it. Tried to fly my ME-109, and it was like I forgot how to land. Put it back in the car, thankfully unscathed from my multiple nose overs on landing. So after that, I just took a seat and watched some others fly, then remembered that the wires were dangling into the air flow on my Mig15. I recall someone saying that they did NOT have to split the fuse to fix theirs, merely 'massaged' them back into place with a chopstick. So I had a Big Gulp straw in my hand, and I decided to see if it would reach.... it did reach, and I was able to partially retract the wires into the little groove they are supposed to be in. Unfortunately the straw was just too flimsy to let me seat them properly, and to work the final part that needed to move. I looked around the ground for a proper sized stick, found one, cleaned it, and then used it. It went perfectly -- those little servo wires are now completely flush or slightly below flush in the tunnel. I also gently prodded the motor wires to more-or-less in line with each other, along the length of the fuse, versus how they were originally: standing side by side, presenting a large frontal area.

I can't say it definitely made a huge difference in thrust but at least it's now properly dressed. One less obstruction and thing to worry about. I put a battery in the little screamer and did some circuits, a couple of loops and rolls, some slow-n-low passes, a hammer head or two, and by the time the battery was done, suddenly my really crappy day had been salvaged and I was feeling better and was able to go home in a really good mood.

So when you get a chance, it's dead easy to both check and to fix that little obstruction if you have it -- no splitting of fuse or adhesive, etc is required.
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