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Originally Posted by KillerCut View Post
we talked about that before. Its more trouble than its worth... the beacon works very well already, adding gps would make it bigger, shorter battery life, etc, etc....
I think that discussion was regarding using a data transmission, but what about simple morse code? Maybe it would only send out the morse code GPS position once per minute, or every 10 minutes. It would still send out the normal 3 beacon tones ever 4 secs, or however set. If you don't know morse code, you could record it and play it back slowly to decode it. There are online apps to translate as well. To make the morse code shorter, just the last digits (minutes and seconds) would be transmitted.
My DOSD has a GPS pass through so I wouldn't need to buy another GPS unit, they would share.
Peter, does this idea have any merit?
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