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Originally Posted by Kauaiguy View Post
I wonder if the aluminum case absorbs vibs better or worse than plastic and if the aluminum case has the lead slug inside?Also what's the weight penalty if any ?Alot of questions ?
Same questions here... seems the idea with the metal is to add weight to better absorb vibes. Also it is supposed to offer better shielding from RF interference and help dissipate heat better.

I have no idea how much RF and heat are issues for the gyro in the first place though to be honest. Here's that upgraded metal bottom for the Tarot ZYX I mentioned earlier. It touts those features as being the reason for its existence so perhaps there is something to it:

That ALZRC version does look nice with the metal case, but I'd agree the all black plastic one with the black face instead of the blue looks better. Looks aside how is it reading the face of the new one with the blue background? I read in the earlier review that it wasn't so easy to read the markings on the original ALZRC version that was black so I wonder if the blue is better than the black for readability.
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